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[Gem ㅊㅊ] Shall we achieve the romance of the wasteland? Pioneering simulator 5 line

※ [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] is a corner that recommends a game that is good for gamers for special topics every week.

Pioneering an unknown area may be a common romance of every1. To speak a little bit, the history of mankind is always an area of pioneering. In many ways, Illon Musk's goal at the center of the issue is to pioneer Mars and migrate.

But it is only a dream to pioneer unknown land for ordinary people. Fortunately, there are various works that can achieve this romance in the game. This week, this week, [Gem ㅊㅊ] is the 5th recommended game of 'Pioneering Simulator' with different Playstyle.

One. Padest Frontier

Padest Frontier is a city construction pioneer simulator set in the background of the medieval European world, and is a game that protects and leads small settlers and built villages in the wilderness. At first, resources are collected, harvested and growing, and gradually becomes a place, followed by hunting, fishing, and farming. But as always, the process of pioneering is not always peaceful. This is because there are factors that make the game not green, such as changes in the environment and season, diseases and invaders.

Padesst Frontier, which shows the clinical direction of the village pioneering simulator, is also attracting a lot of attention from the news that the 'Picture Dun' developer is a new genre. Even though it's been a while since I started doing it earlier, I still see the improvement, but it's a game that's as strong as the game is strong and the developers have the know-how. There is also an official Peaceist Mode for players who want peaceful play without battle, so if you are interested in pioneering simulators, you may want to play at least once.

2. Cult of the Lam

Next, the game I'm going to introduce is a little bit of distorted village pioneer simulator, Cult of the Lam. It is already a bit of anxiety in that the purpose of pioneering the village is for the expansion of the church and the school. The player is almost a religion of a religion, and he is led by an unknown god and resurrected to lead his denomination. In this process, he will work together with combat content to gain unknown power and pioneering simulating content to prosper the denomination.

The difference in the game is to take care of each believer. In general pioneering simulators, most of the residents move on their own, but this game is not. The player should be a leader who leads, caring for believers, caring, and raising his believers. In the early stages of no resources, you have to voluntarily remove the shit of the believers, cook, preach, and sometimes bless them. It is important not to forget the role of the player, as there is no believer who only focuses on eliminating unbelievers for strong power, and the unfortunate situation of reducing the teaching is reduced.


3. Prison Architect

Next is the Prison Architect, a management pioneer simulator, where the residents I need to grow. It is literally a prison pioneering game, and it is necessary to expand the prisons by solving the given sites, limited resources, and the complaints of the prisoners. The main story alone will play more than the pioneering, but add a little DLC or mode to increase the pioneering factors such as securing resources through agriculture and environmental disasters from outside.

Prison architects are similar to Cult of the Lam in that they need to solve internal problems better than outside problems, but fortunately, their internal problems can be solved with a pleasant environment. But in the process, it requires a little more reasonable and intelligent play. The main story is a very old game released in 2015, but there are still various DLCs and modes. Every time a new content is released, it is still well received because it requires a different strategic judgment.

4. North Guard

There is also a pioneering simulation of Vikings, which must focus more on the survival that is more primitive than prosperity or management. It's Northguard. It is the main game to pioneer the wasteland to feed the tribes in North Guards, where the snow falls and constantly drives. In this process, we need to understand the characteristics of the surrounding tribes and promote the relationship between other forces for efficient management.

Compared to other strategic pioneering simulations, the tempo may be slower, so there may be a disadvantage in this, but the recent multiplayer update has been relatively bored. The low number of units used in battle is that the difficulty of battle is not very high in managing the battle. However, there are many resources to be managed and to consider, so it is recommended for those who want a slow and strategic game.

5. Ratropolis

The last game to be introduced is the pioneering simulator ratopolis of the medieval background of the rat citizens. It is a game of domestic indie developers that are attractive to the 'deck building' element instead of artificial intelligence automatic battles or manual instructions. The pioneering simulator combines the combined game elements that are familiar to us, such as logites, deck buildings, and tower defense, to experience speedy battles, and the game system itself is not difficult if the game's strategy and worldview understands the game's pursuit. You have.

The player aims to rebuild the once-flourished mice, Rat Ropolis. As a side effect of life extension experiments conducted in 'Old Ratropolis', we need to protect and prosper with the rats in the settlement from the mice with plague. In this process, you will meet various advisors and leaders, and if you get help, you can operate easier. Why don't you start with eight cards, watch a lot of cards and various changes, and enjoy speeding pioneering simulations?


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